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""The BEST is Yet to Come""


I had no idea what was lurking in the Shadows of my Silhouette... I Suffered and Survived a Stroke on 2/14/2011 while living in Louisville, KY.
After seventeen days of intensive occupational, physical and speech therapy I was released back into the wild.
My NEXT STEP was finding the ASF wellness facility right here in my own back yard of KC. Flexibility and Up Right Mobility was on the agenda, along with "Reclaiming Hope and Rebuilding my Life".
Little did I know what the next six and one half years would bring, but I did know that "The Best was yet to Come".
A year later this survivor was given the opportunity to be of service to other stroke survivors, locally and world wide, when I was offered the position of facility coordinator of The ASF.
Most of you know the love and inspiration I receive from my "PeePs" at The ASF each day, that's why I'm asking you to join Team NELSON this year at our 15th annual STROKE WALK benefiting The ASF.

Peace, Love and Recovery ~



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