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Mary Jo Morrow

Mary Jo Morrow

Thank you for visiting my page. The American Stroke Foundation is dear to my heart. 10 years ago I had a stroke that left me unable to talk, spell, tell time. etc.... I wish I had this foundation to help me though recovery.
I was very lucky and blessed, I had Mike, My Sisters, and my Friends to help and I was able to make a full recovery. The American Stroke Foundation helps adult stroke survivors to reclaim hope and rebuild their lives. If you know someone who has had a stroke you know how hard that task is. My Father was not so lucky, he lost motion on his left side. I think if he continued his recovery and had the support of other stroke survivors he may have had a better life. For more information about the program visit

I would love for you to walk with me on September 9th at Theis Park. If you're not able to join me for the actual walk, you can walk with me virtually from wherever you are -- you don't even need to get out of bed!

I appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!

Best - Mary Jo


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1. RRosie Morrow
You Go Girl! Love You!
2. MNMry Nestor
Walk strong, Mary Jo. Love you! Aunt Mary Jane
3. KKevin & Maura
Mary Jo! You are amazing!!
4. CHColleen Hasselbach
This is for you Mary Jo (cousin) and for a co-worker who just had a mild stroke this week.
5. MMMary Jo Morrow
6. MMMary Jo Morrow

Team MJ's 10 Years!!