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Welcome toTeam New NORMAL

Amelia Clark

Amelia Clark

Thank you for visiting my page. The American Stroke Foundation is dear to my heart. The Foundation, through its Next Step program, helps adult stroke survivors to reclaim hope and rebuild their lives. If you know someone who has had a stroke you know how hard that task is. Next Step programs are funded by people like you so this Stroke Walk is very important to our participants and the communities we serve. For more information about the program visit

Team New Normal would love to invite you and your family and have you walk with us on behalf of Amelia Clark on September 7th next Saturday. If you're not able to join us for the actual walk, you can walk virtually from wherever you are -- you don't even need to get out of bed!
My name is Amelia i had a Stroke December 4 2018 and would appreciate all the support I can get! I went from not walking or using my left arm, my process this 8 months have been challenging, but thank God I kept pushing without giving up. Now I'm able to get around a lot better, so with your help together we can make a difference! Go to link below and Join the walk or make a donation of any amount, please share then click link below thanks in advance...... see you soon!!!!!

Our team is called New Normal because life can never be the same for me again, it's taken months for me to really understand my body has changed and to accept it, so now this is my new normal

I appreciate all your support and help

Best - Amelia


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